Attempting Yarn braids…

This week I decided to use my lovely vacation to install yarn braids. This would be my first time ever doing such a task. I can do the average everyday plait and an occasional decent cornrow. I proclaim I AM NOT A HAIRSTYLIST!! So attempting to install these braids was a big leap for someone like me.

First off I purchased red hearts acrylic yarn at Walmart for $2.50. I decide to purchased two bundles just to be on the safe side.


Prior to installing my braids I co-washed and deep conditioned my hair using Silk Elements Natural product line


I allowed my hair to air dry then proceeded to start braiding. Below are the styling products I used.


Finished Look




Installing these yarn braids took me three days with the help of my friend. I love how they turned out, and they are very lightweight. What’s your favorite protective style? Have you tried yarn braids?



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