Fun Facts

About me…
1) I am the youngest of 3 (they saved the best for last 😉)
2) I am a natural dancer (lyrical & African)
3) I am sorta kinda a vegetarian
4) I modeled and was featured in Metro Pops Magazine
5) I am an Afro- Latina woman. My mother is Honduranian and my father is Panamanian.
6) I use to rap with a ministry called TRUCE based out of NYC, and was featured on three tracks.
7) I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
8) Currently residing in Charleston, SC for the past year.
9) I fall asleep around 8pm, or at least get real sleepy.
10) I have fallen asleep at the Macy’s Day Parade right on the sidewalk.
11) I love sweets!
12) If I could I would own a zoo 😄
13) I have a passion for Fashion Styling
14) I am a kindergarten teacher 😄





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