Feature Friday with AngieAnjay

MrzHindz09: Hey Angie! So glad I got a chance to catch up with you. How have you been?

Angie: I have been great busy here in NYC. I miss you though.

MrzHindz99: I know, I miss you as well and NYC just a little bit. Let’s get into this, so why did you go natural?

Angie: I decided to go natural back in 06 before it was popular to be a naturalista. I just got tired of my relaxer. I wanted to see what my natural hair looked like in it’s natural state.

MH: Sounds like most stories I hear these days. So many women are ready to embrace their natural hair. Have you stayed consistent on your journey if so, how long have you been natural

A: In all I went natural twice. First in 06 and then again in 09. I been natural for 5 years

MH: Five years that’s awesome! Most women struggle once they hit the awkward stage, but I see you prevailed. Throughout these five years how has being natural changed your life?

A: Well, being natural has changed my life for the better. I have more confidence when I walk around. My hair has never been so healthy, full, and strong!

MH: That’s so great, I love that being natural enables people to embrace who they are and love themselves in a much deeper way. Healthy, strong, and full hair is always a bonus. You must have a favorite product. Do tell!

A: Of course, I have 2 favorite products actually. The first one is my vitamins called Complex for Hair Skin & Nails and the other product is Believe – In DevaChanSalon.

MH: Great reminder, that I need to start taking Hair Skin & Nail vitamins as well. Any last advice?

A: My last advice is to make sure to take care of your hair, do treatments regularly so your hair can be awesome and healthy! No matter how hard your natural journey is, never give up or give in. Think about the end results, you CAN do it! 😊

MH: Thanks so much for sharing this time with me. I now have some new products to purchase lol (product junkie) It truly has been a pleasure.

A: Anytime.

To follow Angie on her hair journey. Heck her out on Instagram: AngieAnjay



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