Feature Friday with Lessy ๐Ÿ˜„

MrzHindz09: Lessy my love, how are you?

Lessy: I am great! So happy to be your feature Friday Whoop Whoop!

MrzHindz09: That makes two of us. So Lessy why did you go natural?

L: I was curious! When I had a perm, I usually only permed my hair every 4-6. During my stretch I realized my natural hair that was growing in looked so wavy and beautiful! I decided to quench my curiosity in 2012 and did a BC!

MH: Transitioning can be hard. I attempted to transition however, I lost my patience. So how long have you been natural?

L: I transitioned for one year then did the BC in March of 2012, so this coming March will make 2 years ๐Ÿ˜Š

MH: Two years yay. Time truly does fly, it feels like just yesterday you did the BC. Since you have been natural for two years now,how has being natural changed your life?

L: I can say that It taught me to embrace change! I never ever had short hair, so it was a HUGE change for me but it also showed me that regardless of what my hair looks like, I’m still beautiful.

MH: As they say “long hair, short hair don’t care.” Sounds so cliche but it’s the truth! Beauty lies within. Once we know who we are and our purpose we know our worth! Yet and still we need to take card if our bodies. Hair is part if that which we need to care for. So what’s your favorite product?

L:Hands down, Carol’s Daughter Marguerite’s Magic! It’s soooo moisturizing! My hair loves it!

MH: I have heard tons of great reviews on that product. Do you have a hair crush?

L: Yes! My younger sister Tyrรฉ! Her long gorgeous curls are EVERYTHING! Lol

MH: Her curls are breathtaking. Do you have a go to style?

L: In the summertime it’s definitely twist-outs, but in the winter I do either small twists or a flat-twisted updo of some sort to protect my hair from the cold.

MH: Twist are a great style, with tons of versatility. Any last advice for us?

L: Be sure to learn your hair. It’s great to watch tons of YouTube videos to figure out how to deal with your hair BUT the greatest way to learn is through your own experience. That may mean trying a bunch of products before finding the right one, or spending hours in the mirror figuring out what styles work best for you but overall if you take the time to be aware and conscious of your hair, you’ll learn from it in no time.

MH: Thank you so much Lessy. I needed that last bit of advice. We must learn our hair!

L: Anytime ๐Ÿ˜„

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