Winter Regimen

Winter Regimen

As we embrace these harsh winter days, we must care for our curls. I suggest implementing added oils to your weekly regimen. Try prepooing with your favorite natural oil or even adding coconut oil on top of your deep conditioner for added moisture. Here in Charleston, SC we actually had a snow day and tomorrow we have another. Yay!! In honors of having a day off from work, I opted to treat my protective style.I am still pushing on with my yarn braids, its been 3 weeks and they are still looking fairly decent. To keep up with a neat do I shampooed and deep conditioned my hair. I used my favorite product line which is Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil. I love the way each product leaves my natural hair soft to the touch. I decided to dilute the shampoo and pour it into a spray bottle. My main focus was on my roots where the most dirt lies. I spray my roots about 3xs then sprayed my hair with plain water as a rinse. I blotted with a t-shirt and repeated these steps about 4 times. I then proceed to deep condition my hair. I dilute the conditioner as well so it would spray easier through the bottle. I spray my scalp and the lenght of my hair through the braid till where it stopped. I left it on for about 5mins then sprayed with plain water to rinse. After which i moisturized and sealed. My hair smelled fresh and was soft to th touch. Not sure how much longer i plan on leaving these yarn braids in for but now I have fresh set of braids to cling to. Great day spent indoors caring for my kinks and curls.

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