Feature Friday with Erica Freitas

MrzHindz09: Hey Mrs. Freitas

Erica: Hi MrzHindz. Well, first and foremost, I’d like to thank you mrzhindz09 for featuring me on your blog today!! I’m such a fan of yours!

MrzHindz09: We are each other’s fan. We go way back since 06, I can’t believe we have been friends so long. Well why did you go natural?

Erica: I went natural because I was really curious on what my hair would look like.

MrzHindz09: Curiosity is a well known reason for many to go natural. Glad you were curious. So how long have you been natural?

Erica: I have to say I’ve been natural for a good portion of my life and didn’t know how to work it. I would get perms and rock the straight style for one week but then when I washed my hair, I would put it right back into a bun or pony tail. I was never the girl that kept up on her perms leaving my hair to have a lot of different textures. (I would honestly go years between perms.) My hair pattern would be between curly-straight-curly-straight. It drove me and everyone who knew what my hair potential was crazy. But now that I have the knowledge of how to work my hair in its natural look, I would say its been 3 months since I cut it and went all natural.

MH: What a story. I think those two textures would have drove me crazy. In these past 3 months how has being natural changed your life?

EF: Being natural has changed the way that I look at myself. I feel so much more confident in myself. Let me explain… I used to hate my hair but I just never knew what it could do! Haha Have you every walked out of the house but just felt like incomplete or not your best. Well, I would feel “not my best” a lot. Now I think to myself, “Hair. Check. Shoes. Yes.” Hahaha I hope this is not sounding like I’m conceited but now I just feel great!

MH: No way, please girl that confidence running through your veins. We all know confidence is key! What products do you use?

EF: I use Miss Jessie’s line of products. From the shampoo to the pudding! I’m still learning what to use and your videos along with others have been a big help!

MH: I adore Miss Jessie’s line. FYI they will now begin being sold at your local Walgreens yeah! So do tell who is your hair crush?

EF: I absolutely love Summer Kellsey! I love her long mane and hope to rock my hair like hers one day. I’ve also really connected with Miss Tyre. I feel like my hair type is very similar to hers and seeing her on Instagram and Youtube definitely helped me to transition to my all natural state! I saw the potential that my hair could be.

MH: Yes, Tyre does have a very similar hair type as yours. Ladies check out Tyre’s YouTube channel at


MH: Any last advice?

EF: Yea! Don’t give up. I have a coworker that I’m encouraging to go natural and she’s in the very beginning stages. I know it can be hard to “wait it out.” If you are deciding not to do a big chop just remember that “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” Don’t be discouraged. And also get connected with others to learn more. Ask others questions!

Thank you again mrzhindz09 for featuring me. And thanks to the readers! {Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@ericaleephotography) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/ericaleephotography116).”

MrzHindz09: Anytime love! So glad you are rocking your natural!





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