At Last! It feel so good ladies, I finally took my braids out. I could not bare it any longer. I started the take out process last week from the middle of my head. Last night I finished the rest. After which I washed and deep conditioned. Considering I had them in for a bit I decided to clarify using my Organics Creamy Olive Oil Shampoo followed by their Replenishing Conditioner. Prior to applying the conditioner I applied Olive Oil 1st to try out Oil Rinsing. To my surprise my hair was very soft. For a leave in I used Shea Moistures Curly Milk. Overall it was a great wash night. My hair was soft, free, and relieved.

On to today Sunday morning. Getting ready for church outfit check, hair bot so much. I did not have my glasses on while styling. In turn once I put my glasses on low and behold I had product build up. Whomp whomp lol so I opted to throw on a shower cap and tie my head in a cute wrap. Oh the joys of haircare.



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