Morning Curls

My hair came out so great this morning. Thanks to prepping my hair last night. I finally made it to Zumba yay for working out. Either way I needed to cleanse my curls. When I got home I grabbed my Aunt Jackies Conditioner to co-wash followed by Silk Elements Deep Nourishing Conditioner. For styling I applied Silk Elements Curl Pudding followed by La Bella Lots of Curls Gel. To lock it all in last but not least EVOO. I allowed my hair to air dry for a little bit. Once half dry I put on my shower cap and went to bed. In the morning I simply picked my hair out and slicked down the front. For this I used gel and tied my head down until I reached work. Wha la awesome hair day : )




2 responses to “Morning Curls”

  1. love it!!! Your hair looks gorgous!


    1. Thanks ❤️ It grew 😄👏


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