Feature Friday With Mrs. Wilson

MrzHindz09: Hey Ria, I am so glad you agreed to be my 1st transitiong interview for my blog!

Ria Wilson: That’s what friends are for.

MrzHindz09: Indeed! So what made you decide to transition?

RW: I decided to transition out of curiosity. Growing up I’ve always had an enormous amount of hair, I got my 1st  at the age of 10. I used to watch YouTube videos of people transitioning and a vlogger by the name of Haircrush inspired me. Seeing her hair the thickness and length reminded me of what my natural hair used to be like.

MH: Wow 10, that’s pretty young.

RH: Yup, so its been a while since ive seen my natural hair.

MH: That is quiet a long time. When was your last relxaer?

RH: My last perm was march 2013

MH: Next month it will be a year for you. That’s a strecth, how are you manging your two textures?

RH: I think ive been doing pretty good with the new growth and processed hair. It just takes me quite some time on wash days since I use different products on the two textures hair.

MH:  What do you consider quite some time?

RH: Roughly about 2hrs

MH: That’s quite some time alright lol. I am sure if you big chopped it wouldn’t take as long. When do you plan on Big Chopping?

RH: I’m not sure when I’ll big chop. I’m kinda scared to see what I would look like with short hair!!! I can’t remember seeing myself with short hair.

MH: ok, Well I am sure you will look beautiful as always. Plus your hair grows so fast.

RH: Yea, it does thank God.

MH: So what is your favorite product?

RH: My favorite products have to be Silk Elements Naturals, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine, my favorite oil would be coconut oil.

MH: I haven’t heard anyone talk about Garnier products in a while. Let’s say you had a last minute notice of hanging out with your girls, what would be your go to style?

RH: Go to style would most likely be a ponytails or buns. However my go to’s are flat twist and my new fav flexi rod curls.

MH: Yes, ladies her hair looks so gorgeous in a flexi rod curl set. My favorite for you also. Any last advice?

RH: Just love your, hair its yours so own it!


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