Who Would

Have thought that after 4.5yrs of prancing around with a ring on my left hand ring finger would have made such an impact on my life. I mean it’s only a ring right!?
In my opinion not!
This ring that I wear has changed my life forever. I am a married woman. A woman who holds dear to the words I Do. Two simple words that holds the key to a marriage, a key to ones heart, and a key to ones life.
My life has changed since the day I said I do. Once that ring slipped on my finger I knew the old me was whisked away and at that moment I became whole. I remember gazing at my hand wondering when would I get my ring?, when would he propose?
Now I gaze at my ring in awe and think wow time has flown by. Here I am a married woman filled with knowledge, experiences, wisdom, growth, and maturity that comes with the commitment I vowed to as a wife. A commitment I would never want to give up. A commitment I live for and a covenant I was made for. Not for any man but for the man I married. The man I would have never dreamed of. However he is the man Gid saw fit for me to have. One that He knew would be the perfect design, plan, and will for my life. The man who placed the ring on my finger and said I do.

“My beloved is mine, and I am his.” Song of Soloman 2:16

~This entry of mine was inspired by what I like to called “wedding ring separation anxiety.” My ring is currently of being cleaned and these past two weeks have been rough. I never thought I would feel so naked with out a ring. This ring symbolizes so much to me. However it does not make my marriage or my commitment any less without it. True commitment lies in the heart and played out in our will to live by that which we have committed ourselves to. ~



2 responses to “Who Would”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful Cisa =)


    1. Thank ❤️, I so miss ring


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