Has many uses from household,outdoors, beauty, and health. So let’s focus on on health purposes. I have been seeing so many articles on oil pulling surfacing on the internet these days. I have read a few and done my research. Oil pulling is basically rinsing your mouth with oil. How simple is that right!? The main oil many people use for this method is coconut due to its antibacterial benefits. The oil pulls toxins for your body as well as whiten your teeth, along with a host of other amazing benefits.
So I attempted this Friday night and it was not a success. First thing, I was unable to handle the thickness of the oil in my mouth. I realized that I used to much so I immediately spit it out and left it alone. After chatting with some friends about this method I came to the decision that I should try it again. This time I used half a tablespoon and melted it prior. After which I swished for four five minute intervals. This method worked well for me. I plan on doing this two times a day for a week straight. Let’s see how it goes. Have you ever tried oil pulling? If not would you try it?



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