Since I really only do my hair like once a week these days I decided to give my hair some special attention. I came home from work and went to town. Pampering my hair from root to tip. I started with a hot oil treatment using Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir . I sat under my hooded dryer for approximately 25 minutes. After which I co washed using Renee Blanche H-Zone Arganactive conditioner. I must say my hair was super soft when I rinsed out the hot oil treatment and even softer after using the conditioner. Since my hair has been doing some minor shedding I deep conditioned with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Mask. Finally on to styling I did a two strand flat twist with Silk Elements Curl Pudding. Looking forward to seeing my fabulous results pics to come. Until then enjoy these pics from today’s simple puff. What is your favorite hot oil treatment?





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    1. Thanks Hun! 😄


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