My coils by doing finger coils. Yesterday I took the day and decided to style my hair. But of course I refuse to style on dirty hair.

Step 1
So I co-washed with Silk Elements Cleansing CoWash followed by a deep treatment using Oilo De Argan Anti Frizz Mask. I like to use this mask particularly when I am doing a style that will give me longevity. After which I used my Creme of Nature’s Leave in Creme Conditioner.

Step 2
I sealed in the leave in with my Coconut Oil. For styling I used Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie for added moisture and Eco Styler Gel for hold and definition. I started from the nape of my neck sectioning each row detangling with my wide tooth comb. To help me define my curls after applying my products I used my denamn brush. Using the brush allowed my curls to separate and make it easier for me to finger coil. I continued this process until I reached the top of my head.

Sealing the Deal
Overall this was a fairly easy style to do, however it was time consuming. After I completed all the coils I used my favorite Oil Sheen by Cantu Shea Butter. This sheen works wonders. I plan on leaving this style in for about a week and a half. For the first week I will not separate the curls as they are fairly small. The next half of the week I plan to separate them for added fullness.







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