Hitting the Wall

Sometimes hitting the wall is what we need to get us going. Hitting the wall falling on our faces and figuring out how to get up again is painful yet fruitful. This is what relationships encounter at various times. These just may be the times you hate, love, despise, but will appreciate once it’s over.

Currently my husband and I are in the midst of working to get up from our fall. We need to fall in order to fall back in line and work together. After reading my friends blog on team work it made me realize we were not working as a team. Check out her blog post http://lessysworld.com/team-work-makes-the-dream-work/. Teamwork is sooo needed in all relationships not just husband and wife. At times we are the best team players ever, then we start to drift. Teamwork should be consistent in a martial relationship.

Here we are working through our fall. It’s crazy how I really did not recognize that we fell. I did feel the pressure of bills, work, not spending quality time together, and being heavily involved in our local church. All of these got us caught up and took the time we should have been spending together. We finally hit the wall where we were forced to talk and in our talk we heard each other’s hearts. It’s important to take time to talk readjust and realign your priorities. For us the main thing was the pressure of bills. We were not being good stewards of our money.

Finances plays a major role in marriage. It can be part of what makes or breaks a marriage. However my marriage WILL NOT BE BROKEN!!!. After our talk where we shared our concerns we are now working towards getting back on track.

I researched tips on managing finances, downloaded Dave Ramsey’s ebook, and I created a personalized budget for us on excel word document. Every small step to get back on track counts. You may need to cut back on some things and even just lay low. Laying low is what we agreed to do. For us that means not going out as much, no careless spending, and using Godly wisdom when spending. Most of all communicating before spending. These are just some of the small steps we are taking.

Don’t discount small steps they help lead to bigger and better steps. This is just the start of what we needed to do to get back on track. If you and your spouse have hit a wall it’s ok, just work through the pain, grabs hands, pray, and get up one step at a time together. Team work makes the dream work!


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