How Great Are

Your expectations? Never limit yourself and never limit God. God is a limitless a God, a God of the impossible. He can and will do thee impossible once you only believe. We must raise our level of expectations in order to get to the place where we should be in Christ.

My expectations were once buried in the ground. I had to dig them up, dust them off, and hope it will work out. I lost hope that God would do what He said. It seemed as though every time I tried I failed. Failing was known to me. Failing at school was something all to common. I knew I was able and capable but I never felt smart enough, wise enough, or good enough. I would always get halfway but not all the way. I lost hope that I would one day be a college grad. I buried that thought along with my expectations. Funny thing is God never dropped His expectations of me. He surrounds me with people that encourages me and sees my potential. The potential I buried.

Here I am with my shovel, in hand digging up what I once buried. My hope has been restored my strength renewed and my expectations raised. All because of Christ. He placed me right where I needed to be. He placed me under leadership that would stretch me and guide me to where I am forced to raise up. Not forced by words, aggression, but by the powerful timely word of God. I am blessed to be at the best church ever New Life Christian Fellowship in Goose Creek, SC. Where Dr Dexter Easley is Pastor and First Lady Leisa Easley.

Pastor Dexter Easley has been speaking on the topic of “Living A Life of Expectation“. These teachings have touched, encouraged, and uplifted my spirit. It force me to recognize that I lost hope. Even when I did not recognize it. However, God uses His word and His vessels to reach us right where we are. Here I am today digging up my expectations covering that hole and standing firm on the fact that my God will come through. I must take the first step and align myself with his word that says

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth

Mark 9:23. Raise your expectations believe and He will do that which He promised! What are you believing God for?


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