You Ever….

Had an idea and it left your mind? Or hoped for something then gave up? Many of us have great hopes, dreams, ideas, and visions that get lost. Well no worries God has not forgotten and He will allow those things to come to past in His perfect timing. However we need to take get up and get moving. How you ask?

Well when you see something that sparks your mind or leads in the direction of your vision grab it. If it’s a thought write it down, if it’s an image grab your cellphone and snap a shot. If it’s a quote memorize it. Their are many ways to capture these priceless moments. Once captured put them in your “hope chest”. A “hope chest”? Yes! Think treasure chest or your grandmothers old jewelry box. Either way it’s a place for your to keep those priceless moments. A place of hope, a place of vision, a place of remembrance. A sister in Christ shared this idea with me and it resinated in my spirit.

I thought, I could so do that. Their are a few things that I am hoping and believing God for. In the midst of waiting for it to come to past I will not lose hope. I will place it in my “hope chest” and keep it somewhere I can see it on a daily basis. A place where I will be reminded that my hopes and dreams shall come to past.


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