Anyone? Nothing like a cozy ambiance with great food. Sunday June 1,2014 I had the best brunch in a long time. My husband and I along with our close friends ate at “This Whole House” located in the heart of downtown Summerville, SC. The house gave me the feeling of a nice Sunday brunch at my grandmothers house. As we entered it was filled with gorgeous antiques from wall to wall my eyes were feasting on the wonderful pieces. The entryroom lead us into the dining room where we were seated in a cozy corner. The brunch was a buffet style from grits to smashed potatoes. The list was filled with yummy eats and I was a happy vegetarian camper. The food was delightful and the flavor savored in my mouth as it lingered on. I had two hearty servings of grits, zucchini, smashed potatoes, biscuit, cucumber and tomato salad, as well as quiche. I was full to say the least. While enjoying great conversations we spoke with the owner who told us after 10 years of serving in the community they would be closing their doors June 29th. So glad we stopped by and the best past was hearing about their everything must go sale. It was music to my ears as I admired the mirror on the wall the entire time we ate. I was happy to be leaving with such a beautiful mirror added to my collection. A mirror with a story to be told. It was a wonderful time well spent at “This Whole House”.











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