Up and ready to go. Today I did a flat twist updo. My first of many to come. I did these twist using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel. These two work so well together.

Step 1- day old wash n go or freshly washed hair.

Step 2- lightly and I stress lightly blow dry hair. I used my pick and just lifted my hair at the roots and passed the blow dryer along the roots.

Step 3- section hair into 3 parts. One for the top and two portions for the back half.

Step 4- moisturize hair with cantu coconut curling cream and add Ecostyler gel for hold. Part hair and start to flat twist. I did 7 flat twist on each side.

Step 5- Once both sides are flat twisted move to the top.

Step 6- two strand twist top half of your hair.

Step 7- twist back twist up towards the top of your hair while tucking and pinning.

Step 8- finish look with your favorite oil sheen or spritz. Mine is the Cantu Oil Sheen.

Step 9- enjoy the look! Snap a selfie and your done!


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