What lies

In a name is powerful. Many people name their children after celebrities, memories, and even biblical trail blazers. Whatever the name may be it’s important to know its meaning and the history that lies behind it. Sapphira and Ananias are known for their deceitful ways. However, many may not know that Sapphira Ananias wife has a name that meant more than what she portrayed. Her name means “beautiful” or “sapphire,” she was the first woman singled out for prominence in Acts. But Sapphira failed God and, in doing so, caused her own death. Throughout the ages, her name has been linked, not with beauty, but with deliberate deceit. Unfortunately her story outweighs the meaning of such wonderful name. Through the tragic story of Sapphira, the “beautiful one,” God continues to show women that one’s relationship with the Lord must be based on more than outward beauty and empty promises—that is, upon the integrity of a heart commitment. Our beauty can fade in an instant and so we must commit our hearts to God and serve Him because in Him we find our true beauty. A beauty that lies within.


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