Hair Frustrations

So my areas of breakage are not growing as fast as I would like. I have been applying JBCO to my scalp roughly twice a week. I am a bit concerned as to why it’s not growing. I have also implemented washing, deep conditioning, and doing scalp treatments for the past month and a half. Even after doing these things I still feel my hair is not where it should be. So now it’s time to get aggressive. I am going to start taking hair, skin, and nails vitamins. After doing research via YouTube on what vitamins to take, I have opted to take Natures Bounty. They have gotten great reviews and they contain just as much and even more ingredients than some of the “well known brands”. I am looking forward to seeing my hair flourish and be in a healthy state once again. I am even more excited to see how much my hair will grow in the next month as I speedily approach one year post big chop. So here is to happy healthy hair growth.


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