The After Math {A Journey to Motherhood File 3}

My masseuse did tell me that the castor oil pack might make my period heavier. Yesterday was the first day of my cycle and I truly did not think it would. Well, I was wrong to say the least. My last few menstrual cycles have been very off. Off in the sense that they were extremely light as if it was scared to come. Yesterday morning my cycle started in that same weird light pattern. Playing peek a boo with me and not really sure if it wanted to come. I also have not been experiencing any cramps along with the light cycle. Boy oh boy that castor oil pack did a number on me. My cycle has returned to a more normal flow and I have cramps(Which might I add I did not miss ). Now that things are coming back to normal I feel good. It did worry me that my cycles were behaving so rude to me. I mentioned them to my doctor and she said it could just be an irregular cycle. That brought me no comfort because I like normality and I am walking in faith that my body is healthy and whole nothing lacking and nothing missing. So I was not ok with just “irregular period”. I declare daily that my body lines up with the word of God. I truly believe that me meeting my masseuse was a God encounter and I am so grateful beyond words. So I am back on track and body is lining up accordingly and preparing itself for our baby in Gods perfect timing.


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