Talk about my banging bomb diggity twist out this weekend. It gave me life and it was everything! I am so impressed with Sheamoisture’s line. They always come out as winners with us naturals. Okay so I decide to do a two strand twist set using Sheamoisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie along with their Curling Soufflé Gel these two together my gosh what a wonder. I wish I would have tried it sooner my twist outs would have always been on point. However, I digress so I left my twist in for a week which I believed helped give my hair a better set. Sometime during the week I purchased Sheamoistures Hold & Shine Mist I used that to refresh my twist in the morning. This spray worked great with the rest of their products as well. So drumroll pleaseeeee for

1) My Twist Set


2) The Initial Take Down


3) A Few Days Later


4) Last but not least My 1yr Post BC Anniversary Yayyy


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