Mistakes Happen

Just like every other journey in life we have our ups downs and bumps along the way. Unfortunately I made a careless mistake out of frustration. When I first big chopped I colored my hair a vibrant red. I just love red on me and it suits my complexion. However, along the way my color changed and turned some unholy dusty copper Brian. I thought it was ugly because it’s not the Olof I originally put on my hair. After one year of growing it out I decided to abruptly trim my ends in hopes to remove the color. The color was frustrating me and my ends were in need of a trim. I am no stylist and I honestly did not watch enough youtube videos as I have in the past. However, I grab my scissors and went to town. My hair had been in bands from washing and banding my hair the night before. I took the bands out and started from the back up. I trimmed just a bit from my neck area up until the middle of my head. That’s when things went south due to my messy ends at the middle to front of my head. I began snipping more than I did in the back and when I got to my front left side I ruined it. I was not paying attention and I cut way to much of. Leaving my hair shorter on the left than the right. I am debating as to wether I will leave it alone and allow it to grow or cut into a tapered style. All in all I learned to leave the cutting to professionals. Help me decide and drop a comment below as to cut or grow? Thanks in advance! #learningasigoandgrow


This is the style I am considering



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