Twist & Curl

Last night I did my first twist and curl set using white perm rods. My hair was dry so I spritz it and sectioned it into four parts. After which I broke down each section spritz, moisturized, and detangled each portion. This is how it went

1) Water Spritz
2) Sheamoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
3 Detangle
4) Sheamoisture Curling Souffle
5) SheaMoisture Hold and Shine Spritz
6) Twist
7) Perm Rod

I hope this helps you if you ever attempt this style. Which is super duper cute!



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  1. Oh wow! Awesome low manipulation style. I will def have to try this. Love your hair!

    Posted 10.13.14
    • Mrzhindz09 wrote:

      Thanks it is super easy. πŸ˜„let me know how it works out for you.

      Posted 10.13.14
      • I surely will! I do that one next πŸ™‚

        Posted 10.14.14
  2. Absolutely gorgeous my dear πŸ˜€

    Posted 1.15.15
    • Mrzhindz09 wrote:

      Why thank you, I love the definition I get from this style. Curls for days πŸ˜„

      Posted 1.15.15
      • Indeed, am doing a post about this style tomorrow, curls galore indeed πŸ˜€

        Posted 1.15.15
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