New Adventures

New adventures are always fun and invigorating. So after much research on YouTube and the internet I have decided to take part in the “Monistat” hair growth challenge. There are tons of videos and photos all over the Internet about this challenge. In short Miconazole Nitrate, better known as Monistat, is an anti fungal agent that is used to treat yeast infections. Miconazole Nitrate has been research by various doctors and resulted in that it might actually reduce the number of “hair loss” receptors in the scalp, which would consequently increase hair growth.

So I will be joining in on this challenge in efforts to speed up growth in the crown of my head. After research I have seen many people mix their cream with a carrier oil like EVOO, JBCO, or Tea Tree Oil. Combining the cream with a carrier oil helps to lessen the most frequent side effect which is headaches. I combined my cream with JBCO, tea tree oil, and almond oil. Here is a pic of how the mix looks


I will be apply this mixture to my scalp twice a day for seven days. After the seven days I will apply it to my scalp once a day every other day. I also did a length check before I started this new regimen.


I will be back to update you all 😄❤️

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