Changing My Skincare

Regimen yet again lol. I have official taken a break from the Oil Cleansing Method. I used the Oil Cleansing Method for about 3 months and saw some improvement but also some downfalls. This method is a great method to try out when you can. I found that my skin seemed to be more oilier than normal and my skin had a dull look. I have used black soap in the past and decided to give it a try once again. My husbands co-worker sells the DuDu Osun Black Soap and Shea Butter so I purchased both products. Before using this brand of black soap I researched it via the Internet and of course watched a few YouTube videos and all had great responses. To moisturize my skin I decided to whip up my own whipped shea butter mix. I added coconut oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil to aid in my occasional breakouts. I will be making a YouTube tutorial on how I whipped them all up so stay tuned to my channel


What do you use to keep your skin glowing?

2 responses to “Changing My Skincare”

  1. Good morning I have been using the Aveno product cleanser and moisturizer only for several years, is fine for me. However I do not see my dark pimple spot gone? Can you give any suggestion.Thanks


    1. My grandmother swore by Aveeno products. Thats a great brand for dark spots try raw shea butter.


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