Today I got my hair straightened for the first time since being natural. After careful research and watching tons of YouTube videos I was ready. To straighten my hair my stylist used the Basic One Boost System. This system is a fortified leave-in conditioning treatment comprised of Quinoa extract, which is highly enriched natural protein that infuses moisture into the cuticles to strengthen the hair all the way to the very tips! I watched countless videos that I could find on the Basic Haircare System and was highly impressed with the results. There are two systems which pretty much do the same thing however one last longer. The Boost System last about two to three weeks and the Smoothing System last twenty weeks. I decided to try the boost first to see how I like it and I love the results. So here are a few pics. What do you think? Have you ever heard of the Basic One Haircare System? If so what are your thoughts?





If your in the Charleston area head over and see Namibia Richardson a specialized Basic One stylist at 358 liberty Hall road Goose Creek, SC


  1. Nacole wrote:

    How can i get in contact with this stylist??

    Posted 7.2.15
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