Top 5 of 2014

Here is to everything that rocked my natural hair socks off in 2014!

1) One of my favorite styling products since I started my natural hair journey.


2) The best edge gel everrrr leaves my edges Laid Hunty lol


3) Hands down the best moisturizer for my hair. It’s perfect for the winter as it is rich in shea butter and other natural oils.


4) This detangler always comes through for me. It like literally instantly release any knots have on the spot. I can’t live without this in my product stash.


5) I have seen such growth and overall health come to my hair from taking these vitamins and having healthy hair and eats habits. I have gone through 3 bottles and I love the results. The best part is they are super cheap and can be found at your local Walmart. A must try


So what products are on your top 5 list?

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