Hollywood Glam the Weddington Way

Hey guys, so as you know I am a lover of all things fun, flirty, and filled with fashion. I had the honor of being reached out to by Weddington Way to gather together a fun Hollywood Glam look styled by me using one of their very own pieces.

Weddington Way

If you are not familiar with weddington way they are an online boutique that caters to the twentieth century modern bride. Their website is filled with hundreds of dresses for brides, their bridesmaids, and the entire wedding party. Their dresses are fabulous and so original. If you’re looking for a piece that stands out amongst the crowd then weddington way is the place to go(https://www.weddingtonway.com/showroom). Okay so on to my Hollywood Glam styled piece.

Location Location…..

Nothing screams Hollywood Glam like a night on the red carpet so lets roll out the carpet and step up with style. Whether you are at home, on a walk lost in the forest, or on the actually red carpet, no matter where you are live your life like its golden.


The Dress

In this dress I am sure to find my way onto someones red carpet celebration.

PicMonkey Collagey

This gorgeous dress is elegant, sexy, and vintage all at the same time. How often can one find a dress that knocks all those categories out the box!?. Not often at all. The lace overlay, clenched waistline, and buttons down the back makes this dress one of a kind. Not only that, but this dress is sure to fit any size or shape hugging each curve in the right way.

Step It Up

To set this dress for a red carpet night out we must get the right accessories. Nothing but diamonds would fit this occasion and we must have the hottest in season and that my friends is colored diamonds.


You can find colored diamonds in almost every jewelry store these days. For this dress I decided to choose rose gold which compliments the coral peeking through the lace. With a neckline so simply elegant earrings that grab your attention is the way to go. These earrings are bold, simple, stunning, and dripping in diamonds. leaving the neckline bare draws your eyes to where you want them. Let’s just say its on those remarkable earrings. We can’t leave home without diamonds dripping down to our fingers. Ladies of the world raise your right hand!! This ring is jaw dropping and fit to wear as a unit or break them up and wear one on your right and one on your left. I love everything about this ring! The jewels definitely take this dress to the next level and stays in line with its touch of vintage hollywood glam.

She Did That!

Makeup fresh, hair, and nails in check yes honey we are working the runway. This hair and makeup is everything we need to serve face!


A soft tousled updo and glowing skin with lips to kill is the look we want. I just love to see a women whose hair and makeup flows with their dress and adds that right amount of sparkle. Bold lips never die and a classic updo that leaves your eyes wandering to your neck thats been kissed by diamonds and fingertips iced in studs is nothing but star styled beauty.

Last But Not Least

A womans shoe must always seal the deal with a fabulous purse to match. Here is to a night on the red carpet with every womans dream man Mr. Jimmy Choo


The perfect nude heels sticking to our theme of diamonds dripping from our earpiece down to our stilettos with the fly purse to match. Got me feeling like I am royal stepping on the carpet living that Hollywood Glam life!

Ready, Set, Go!


Now we are officially Hollywood Glam Styled the Weddington Way 

A special thanks to the Community Coordinator over at  Weddington Way for reaching out to me. I enjoyed styling this piece and I hope you all did as well. If you did, please like this post so I will know.

Thank You


; )

5 responses to “Hollywood Glam the Weddington Way”

  1. Love it


      1. A. Mugabe Hinds Avatar
        A. Mugabe Hinds

        Awesome love it


  2. So pretty, you did an awesome job!


    1. Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed putting this look together.


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