Tressemme, Tressemme

Oh la la. This past week I took the chance and tried something new. The good part about taking chances is when they turn out great. After watching reviews online I decided to give Tresemme’s 7 Day Smooth Treatment a shot and it worked wonders. Since deciding to rock my natural hair in a blown out state for the winter months I haven’t done it myself at home. After choosing to wear it straight I have been going to my stylist on a two to three week basis. However I was unable to go this past week and I did not want to care for my hair in its kinky curly state. Hence my decision to take a trip to Walmart and purchase this system.

In this line they have as you can see a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in heat treatment. This last step is the icing on the cake and really shows it’s worth in the flat ironing process. The leave in works with the heat from your flat iron to leave your hair shiny and smooth. This was the only thing I used in my hair when blow drying and flat ironing. My results were silky smooth hair strands. I did very small sections to achieve a sleeker look. Here is a picture of my hair during the process and the completed look.


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