So, what do you do to unwind from a long day? I realized I created a habit for myself to relax and unwind. Considering my day is spent with about twenty five year olds in my classroom, it’s rather important for me to unwind. Working with children is rewarding and draining needless to say. Ok, so I bet your wondering what do I do? I come home kick off my shoes, change clothes, grab a bite to eat, kick back in my favorite chair, then wait for it….I connect to Google chromecast and watch YouTube. Yes! Youtube. One of my favorite channel subscriptions is “The Real Daytime TV”. I head over to their channel and watch all the clips from the day. Due to my work schedule I am never home in time to watch their show. So I end up catching up via their YouTube channel. I also watch all my favorite natural hair Youtubers and see what their up to as well. It’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s how I unwind. What are some of the ways you unwind from a long day? Leave your feedback below 👇 I would love to know. Are you a lover of my girls from “The Real”? 

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