Petal to the Metal

Spring time for me means I get to dust of my bike and take her for our daily spins. This morning we went to Harris Teeter for some breakfast goodies. My current favorite morning meal is the Harris Teeter Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal I love their brand. So I like to add raisins, bananas, and a few drops of milk. Yum yum! Back to my bike here she is……


Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful


Just the two of us 


 Girls just wanna have fun!

I decided to throw on something casual and cute on this lovely spring morning. Thanks to the hubby for his hat and my skills with my DIY cropped jeans. I grabbed the scarf from DD’s discounts a local store here in Charleston and my shoes are courtesy of and my comfy sweater is from my favorite store

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  1. Rosemary Miller Avatar
    Rosemary Miller

    You are ready like your wear

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