Being apart of BLMGirl community has been such a blessing thus far. There’s nothing like connecting with bloggers just like me near and far. The best part is the sense of community and connection. Even though we are all on our own adventure we each share a piece of the pie. BLMG stands for “Bloggers Like Me Girls” a strategic name for women who blog. Everything about BLMG is done with excellence and taste. This community is open for all and they are very welcoming to new members. BLMG has a blog as well as a facebook page and various ways to connect and get social. The facebook community has impacted my blogging in such a tremendous way. Daily you can find inspiration, blogging tips, and tricks, as well as blogging opportunities. I could go on and on about the BLMG community and what I have gained thus far. However, there is nothing like a personal experience so Join Us today! Become apart of this unique family of women bloggers just like you. #BLMG


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