As much as I love my natural kinky, curly, coily hair I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the more. God has been shifting my heart in the direction of my blog for the next couple of days and or months. I pray that you would join me as I seek His face and grow in my walk with Him. I will post natural hair things here and there. However as I continue to grow in the midst of where I am right now I am compelled to go on a journey. It’s not your average journey but a journey of growth and restoration. Often times we loose ourself along life’s daily task. So this journey is a journey to draw closer to Christ as I learn more about myself and who I am in Him. It’s a “Through His Eyes Love Journey”.  Daily we fail to recognize Gods love for us that surrounds us daily. We allow doubt, fear, negative talk, and discouragement to blur the truth. The truth of who we are lies in the Word of God. Daily I will write a positive thought about myself and back it up with scripture. Then throughout the day I will dwell on the word and allow it to penetrate my heart. I have a journal that I will be setting aside just for this. As I have many journals lol. However this will be the one I will write in every morning. Next I plan to do something just for me for 100 days. Maybe go to a dance class, fitness class, eat better, or just take quiet time out of my day to hear from God. Either way it’s something I want to do for Me! As women we give give and give some more with out focusing on things we want to do. So get to it and set aside 100 days just for that. I will also compose a list of all my fears and any negativity that’s been spoken over my life. After which I will write on another page the positives about me and what the word of God has to say about each negative thing I wrote. Here comes the fun part where we rip up the negatives and keep the positives! Matter fact you can get even more adventurous and burn the negatives! 😄 the final thing I will be doing is creating a vision board. I have done one of these when I was younger but not as an adult. Now is the time so I will be thinking about what exactly I want to have on my board. Remember it’s about what you want and a way to visualize your goals and be creative while doing so. Take time to really think about what you want to achieve and what you want to come out of your vision board. So that’s it all in all I am so excited to go, grow, and glow on this journey. As I know God will do amazing things in my personal life through this journey. I pray he will do the same for you as well. Will you join me? 

Today for my first entry I wrote: I am beautiful! According to Psalm 139:14 not only am I beautiful but I am fearfully made.  

A special thanks to Miss Andrea Lewis who posted her “Self Love Journey on YouTube”. Seeing her journey inspired me to go on my own but wit Christ as the center. You can find more of her work at 

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