I have journal that traces back to 2006 and even further than that. In my life I have had various opportunities to grow and share my life with others. My memories are my treasures filled with laughter,joy, and even sorrow. As I am sure we all do. One of my precious journals dates back to when I attended Elim Bible Institute.  Being at Elim was such an awesome experience and time I was able to spend away from home and what was common to me. This school was nothing like the big city in which I grew up Brooklyn,NY. Elim is located in Rochester,NY in the countryside. Morning smelled like cow dung and horses ha ha. However amdist the unpleasant aroma was a little community by community filled with people from near and far attending a school to grow whether personally, educationally, or to fulfill Gods call on their lives. I attended Elim to grow in my walk with Christ and fulfill my purpose. The track I took was called “A Year in the Son”. I treasured chapel time and various occasions that we had. Often times we would have woman’s devotionals and women’s chapel. This day was just that women’s chapel were various people spoke. One word that was brought froth penetrated my heart and has remained in my heart for years. Which is that God has a B.I.A.S over us. So what does that mean? Let’s brake it down……

According to  dictionary.com  bias means 

feeling, or opinion,especially one that is preconceived”

Before We were even born God already had a preconceived idea of us. The idea that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, the idea that we are precious, this lists could go on and on but His thoughts towards us are wonderful and countless. He obviously has a B.I.A.S over us. 

His B.I.A.S is that 

B we belong to Him so much that Christ even prayed for us before He gave His life for ours. John 17:9&10

I our identity is in Him. Before we were even formed in our mothers womb Christ knew us. We already has and still have our identity and foundation in Him. He choose us! Jeremiah 1:5, 1 Peter 2:9 

A we are accepted by Him and our acceptance lies in Him. Just imagine if God didn’t accept you would He give his only son on the cross for us? God says come as you are to Him. When you feel you have no one to turn to be reminded God accepts me and He wants you just the way You are. 

S we are secure in Him. Nothing in this world could ever separate us from the Love of Christ. He will always love you and will always be a shelter in the time of storms. All you have to do is seek Him. He is always there waiting for you to come to Him just as you are. 

After all is said and done no matter what your going through know that God has a BIAS over you and always will. This has kept me in my darkest hours and has always refocused my attention on the one who deserves it all Christ. 


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