No makeup guru but I do like a good makeup palette. I find for people like me who take time at least once a week to “beat” our faces a palette works great. No need to go buy a bunch of eye shadows or blushes when you can buy one good palette with an array of colors. Finding makeup palette are super easy these days with countless online make websites and stores. Some of my favorite online retailers are All Cosmetics Wholesale, Ulta, Sephora,Amazon, and even Ebay. Thanks to Ross I was able to get a good deal on my recent purchase which is the Beauty Treats blush palette picture below. What drew me to this item was that the blushes are matte. It’s very rare to find a matte blush palette so I had to cease the moment. Icing on the cake was the $6.99 price tag and about $2.00 off for the crack. Bringing the total to $5.39 after taxes. Now that’s a deal. My eyeshadow palette has been with me for some time now thanks to  groupon and their beauty deals. So if your a non makeup guru like me that loves palette leave your favorite down below. 


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