$1.00 Finds

I scored yesterday at my local Walgreens. I went browsing the aisle just because I had time to spare and I lucked out. My eyes caught their $1.00 deals section and it was good. Not stuff that looked rummaged through or open or even broken. This section was filled with precious gems. So I purchased 2 lip tints, 1 lip lacquer, 1 lip balm, and a multi purpose glass wiper. All for a whooping $4 💥💥💥


The lip tints are so pigmented and the color payoff is Ahmazing. The lip lacquer and lip balm are ok. My favorite from the bunch is the nude lip tint. Which one do you like? 


  1. Lessy wrote:

    I looooove the lip tints!!

    Posted 5.14.15
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