Hi Friends

 As many of you do or do not know I am a full time kindergarten paraprofessional. I love working with my students on a day to day basis. Nothing compares to seeing them grow and learn right before your eyes. This week at our school we are learning about community helpers. Community helpers are very important to each and every community we discussed their importance and created learning centers based off of them. Of course every girls favorite community helper is a Hair Stylist

They were excited to learn about what a stylist does and got to act it out in their learning center. Being the hands on interactive teacher that I am, I created a video just for my friends. Before we get into the video lets talk about children and their haircare.

It’s important that we take care of our children’s hair just as we would ours. Or even more than we would our own. Our children are a direct reflection of what we value and care for. Let’s make their hair and how we manage it a key factor in their overall well being. 

Many of the children  I see at my school come in with their hair nicely done and well managed. Then their are a select few that may not receive the much needed time and care for their hair to be done. Time is something all parents wish they had a little more of I am sure. 

It brought me much joy to share with my students a “Curly Kids Coloring Book” made especially for curly girls. This book was given to me from the co-owner of Curl Centric for my friends in my kindergarten class. All of my students had the opportunity to color this book at our learning center. Check out one of the  cool color pages…..


Their are many more exciting pages for kids to color. Overall this book is a great example for little kinky curly kids to see images just like them right before their eyes. If you are interested in purchasing this book for your child or a child in your life click this link —–> Curly Kids<—– after which head over and visit the authors personal website Curl Centric.

Now here is my very very special video from me to you so enjoy.

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  1. Mrshindz, thank you so much for your contribution and your participation of the #BeCurlCentric blog tour!



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