How to Do You….

We all wonder How can I do ME!!? Where do I start and how do I get started? What is doing me? So many questions come to mind when starting on a journey towards a new path. Guess what their is NO simple answer! However you do it Just make sure you are doing what God has instructed you to do and #beshameless with it! These  fun sayings and hashtags come from the fabulous Maya Washington from Youtube. She is known for making those statements ever so popular! Because of her guts and boldness to shave of her hair and start a new path she now has many followings. Her influence is incredible and she has a heart for people. This heart of love has motivated her to start a #DOYOUBOO Facebook group which I am apart of. Its a community of people all starting a new journey or in their journey. Either way we all are doing us! This sense of unity brought us all together to bring you the #doyouboo tag. Being the sporadic person that I am this idea dropped into my mind one day at work. I decided to share it with the group members and just about everyone jumped on board. Without further or do here is my…

How to #doyouboo Tag……

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