Seasons Change

Just like regimens. Every regimen has to go through some sort of changing process so that it meets your current needs. No matter if its a health regimen, lifestyle, fashion, or hair. Every regimen gets altered. With that being said since I have relaxed my hair my regimen has to be switched up once again. If you would like to know what I do with my hair regimen then just watch my video below for all the details. I share with you what products I use to all of my hairstyling tools. So enjoy, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE!!


  1. A MILLION THANK YOUS, SMILES and HUGS to all my Natural Hair Blog Feature Participants from January to June 2015.
    All of your hard put into your posts has helped so much and have served as an inspiration to all my viewers, me included.
    So here is my way of saying, thank you so much, loved working on your posts and wish you the best today, tomorrow and always.
    Thank you Bella Narcisa.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smiles, Smooches and Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Great video! I’m natural, but some of those products look like they would work for me, I’ll have to try them out.


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