Is my birthday yay. Last week as I began to realize wow my birthday is really around the corner I became sadden. For a moment my mind thought on all the things I have yet to accomplish and yet to do. Not wanting to entertain those thoughts I brushed them aside and kept on with my day. On Saturday August 22 I went to the woman’s fellowship at my home church. Wow, it was just what I needed to hear and what I needed to push me from falling into the why me and woe is me talk. Hearing testimony after testimony about Gods grace, mercy, and healing hands encouraged me so much and woke me up spiritually. It awakened  me to the reality that God has and always will keep me and guide me through life. The blessings that God has granted me within this year alone are countless. I am not talking physical or monetary blessings I am talking relational, spiritual, and intimate blessings. Blessings that in my weakest moments God truly kept me sane and held true to His promises that He would never leave me nor forsake me. How dare I allow thoughts of comparison and frustration to steal the joy of another year headed my way. So tomorrow I will be happy, I will give God thanks and praise for keeping me yet another year. A year that will not be like the last as I grow closer and closer to Christ! So Happy Birthday to Me ☺️😄

Time to enjoy my early birthday cake made especially for me. Shoutout to Chef Jerry for the cake. If you are in the Charleston area and you need a Chef or baker Jerry is your guy. Drop your email below and I will get you connected.

Oreo Cheescake  

4 responses to “Tomorrow ”

  1. Happy Birthday! That oreo cake looks delish!

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  2. Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter, whom God has blessed us with Love you so very much.

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    1. Love you too mommy 😍😘😘


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