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As I continue to organize and decorate my home I am finding more and more ways to save space. The best places to look for unique things are at your local odds and ends stores. Going into thrift stores and even eyeing one of a kind pieces online will help along the way.

So today’s item comes from Big Lots. It’s not my everyday store to hit up but when I do I come out on top. My recent purchase consisted of two packs of three fushia felted accessories hanger. This pack cost $3.00 so basically one dollar for each hanger. I have seen a few of these in other places at a much higher price point. Apart from the high price point they were not even as cute.


As you can see I used three for jewelry and three for my scarves. This has helped save me so much space. No longer are my scarves falling down and all over the place. They are neatly organized on these super cute hangers. My closet is coming together slowly but surely. The fushia is my color and I have weeded out all of my clear plastic hangers to the fushia felt hangers. The felt helps to keep your clothes in place and off the floor. Whenever I see a pack of these felted hangers I grab them up usually at Marshalls or Ross.

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4 thoughts on “Storage Solutions 

  1. I really needed this! It seems like I never have enough space to store my necklaces and with them all on top of each other and jumbled in a jewelry box, I forget what I have! I’m going to try this for sure. Thanks for posting.

    Allison Jones

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