DIY Egg Mask

Today it’s all about the face. This face mask has many benefits and is super easy to do

What you’ll need

1 Egg
2 Bowls

1 Brush

Single ply tissue

How it Works:

Crack the egg into one of the bowls, being careful not to crack the yolk because we will be using it later. Now separate the egg white and egg yolk. Break apart some small pieces of tissue; it doesn’t need to be neat. Just make sure the pieces overlap a little bit so they can come off as one big piece.

– Great way to deal with mild acne and scarring

– Cleansing of dirt and debris with the help of the homemade blackhead strips

– Will help decrease clogged pores, blackheads and dirt

– Helps reduce rosacea, large pores, and fine lines (Also help give temporary relief to deep lines)

Then pull off the strip as a whole and VOILA, clear beautiful skin.

Now to close up the pores and give your skin a beautiful shine, lets apply the egg yolk. Stir the same way you did the egg whites. Once it’s stirred, apply to the skin with your brush. You will feel your skin is tightening and the yolk is dried, you may wash it off. Then use your daily cleanser. I used my lush Herbalism. And you’re done!!!

I truly enjoyed this mask and will be doing it every Sat as a little freshener.

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