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Did you know that your face needs supplements also? Honestly, I never really thought of using or implementing supplements on my skin. Of course we all know our bodies can use a good supplement here and there but my face thats a whole new territory.

As our skin ages we need to incorporate more vitamins and supplements. Ok so where do you begin with so many on the market? For me I turn to google, youtube, and instagram. In my most recent search I cam across Valjean Serums.

Valjean Serums is a brand birthed out of Urban Outfitters. Yes, the Urban Outfitters we know for hip and trendy clothing. This line is one of their top runner beauty products with five serums Glow, Restore, Hydrate, Radiance Booster, and Firm.

I purchased four out of the five Glow, Restore, Hydrate, and Radiance Booster. Each addresses a different need for my skin. Glow has vitamin c and magnesium which aids in evening out skin tone. Restore contains niacinamide and zinc. Niacinamide restores and purify while zinc soothes stressed blemish prone skin. Hydrate is filled with hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5. Hyaluronic plumps the skin while vitamin b5 brings back the skins elasticity. Finally Radiance Booster contains vitamin C and lemongrass. Vitamin C works as a skin brightener and evens out the skin tone while lemongrass helps minimize the appearance of large pores. My skin has reaped the benefits of adding supplements into my facial regimen.

If you are looking to add serums I highly suggest Valjean Labs. These can be purchased online at Urban Outfitters or at your local Marshalls which is where I picked mine up.

What serums or supplements do you currently use in your skincare routine? Share the deets below


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