Love Yourself

Just yesterday I overheard someone talking about me and my bubbly personality. They were explaining how contagious my energy is 😊 I then heard someone say “yeah she is her biggest cheerleader 📣.” I immediately took offense then the thought hit me  🤔 that’s dope!

Yes! I am my own biggest cheerleader 🎊 for so long I poured my time, energy, and cheering into another and it left ME empty! Now, I am going to and have been pouring all that energy into ME 👏🏾

Finally I am making time for Narcisa and doing things that I genuinely want and love to do. We often overlook ourselves to please others #guilty  ✋🏾 Well no more of that for me! I am making a conscious effort to pour into me. One thing we all know is that if we don’t love ourselves we won’t know how we need to be loved!

So yes! I will forever be my biggest cheerleader 📣

What do you do to love on yourself? Have you poured so much into others that you neglect yourself 🤷🏾‍♀️? If so what can you do right now to 💗 on you? Drop your responses down below 👇🏾

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