Outdoor Festival

The weekends were meant for fun! Fun is exactly what I had this weekend at the James Island County Park Outdoor Festival. This Festival was geared towards outdoor activities.

I came ready to jump in on all the fun at their “Try Zone” there were so many things to try i couldn’t get enough. Here are some of the activities I did try

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I have been wanting to try this for the longest. I was one happy camper and it was so much fun.

Climbing Wall

Last time I climbed a wall I busted my behind. I am happy to report that I did the thing. When I geared up I showed up boom 💥 I climbed that wall like a pro!

Bike Obstacle Course!

Now this was surprisingly the most challenging activity of the day. Yikes I was so not ready for it but I did enjoy every bump along the way.


There were a few paddlesport activities that we got into. First off we went paddle kayaking which was interesting and then I did a stand up paddle surf board.

Mountain Bike Short Track

This portion was super challenging and fun! We laughed, bumped around, and burned calories all at the same time.

As you can tell we had a blast at the James Island Outdoor Festival!

After such a full day we filled our tummies at Roadside Seafood everything was superb 👌🏾

Fried Green Tomatoes I hope to get back on the water this summer….Until next time

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