Fit Life

As summertime approaches we all see those “summer body” images flooding our times lines. It’s all good and I am so here for the “summer body” but the goal should be all year long. Don’t get it twisted I am not professing to be one who hits the gym and has a 365 mindset to “stay fit.” What I do have is an active lifestyle that aids in me staying healthy and in shape all year long.

Since a child I have always loved dance and staying active so it’s nothing new to me. One of my favorite things to do is Zumba dance fitness! I also enjoy riding my bike and doing random dance videos in my home. Last night I had the awesome opportunity to connect with Charleston’s Fashionistas to dance the night away. We went straight to the hottest place in town for hip hop dance classes none other than Dance Fx. Check us out below


As You can tell we had a ton of fun! Dancing is such a great way to burn cardio and have fun. More images and clips on my instagram Narcisam08

I am tremendously grateful that my natural physique is slim so I really don’t struggle with weight issues. However, it does not count me out of the number for wanting to be fit. Most recently I have been focusing my energy on toning and refining my body. In no ways am I am gym fan at all!!


All of that! So instead of hitting the gym I have been tuning into youtube and working out in the comfort of my home.

Here are my Top 5 At Home Booty and Ab Workout Videos


First thing in the morning I jump out of bed and do at least 2 of these videos! Mornings work best for me since I am an early riser. I hope y’all enjoyed this quick post on how I stay fit on the go! What routine do you have set in place for staying fit? If you have one drop it below in the comment section.


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