Jade Rolling

Jade rolling has simply become one of my favorite beauty routine! I came across Jade Rolling through a friend who encouraged me to try it out. Nothing like amazing friends who keep you up to date with beauty tips!


So what is Jade Rolling you ask? Jade rolling is the process of using a roller on your face in various strokes along with a moisturizer or oil. Currently I am using serums and I love the results. Rolling after I apply my serum allows it to penetrate deeper into my pores.

Using a jade roller helps to:

  1.  improve blood circulation
  2. reduce wrinkles
  3. reduce puffiness
  4. rejuvenate your skin.

So why wouldn’t you want to reap all of those benefits right?

Here is a quick tip to add to those amazing benefits: put the jade roller in the fridge and use when your ready. The coolness will help decrease puffiness and increase your blood circulation at a faster rate!

There are tons of Jade Rollers surfing the internet right about now but I want to give you the best!  I purchased my jade roller from TwentyPrime and I absolutely love it!


What Stole My Heart:

  1. It wasn’t to heavy or light but just right!
  2. A pamphlet with instructions came inside the box
  3. There is a pouch to store it and keep safe
  4. The roller is two sided. One for larger sections of your face and one for under your eyes.
  5. The box was nicely labeled with the brand name
  6. It was under $20

Just a few reasons why I love my Twenty Prime Jade Roller!

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If you’re looking for a Jade Roller I highly suggest purchasing one from Twenty Prime you won’t regret it!


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