Hip Baths

Hip baths also known as Yoni steams have been on the rise lately and of course I had to indulge. The first time I seen or heard of yoni steams was during an episode of Housewives Of Atlanta. Judge me if you want I like my dose of reality TV.  After watching that episode I decided to do my own research on yoni steams and it’s benefits.


Yoni steams are short for vaginal steams, yes you read that right a steam for your vagina. These steams have been around for years and it benefits are bountiful.  Here are the top ten benefits that made me go huummm.

  1. Pulls toxins out of the body.
  2. Relieves menstrual cramps.
  3. Balances hormone levels.
  4. Strengthens the uterus.
  5. Relieves heavy menstrual cramps.
  6. Helps to increase fertility.
  7. Helps with afterbirth
  8. Modd stabilization
  9. Assist with healing of hemorrhoids
  10. It feels good.

Who wouldn’t want to reap those benefits?

A year or more post watching that episode I finally tried it and OMG!! It was very interesting and relaxing at the same time. Funny thing I went to the same spa the ladies did on the show when visiting ATL! None other than Jeju Sauna this place is simply beautiful and of course relaxing.

The hip bath is set up in a quaint room with 5 stools. Before entering the hip bath area you are given a robe which helps lock the heat in. As you can see pictured below it’s long enough to keep you covered from your chest to your feet.


Each steam is a mixture of natural herbs mixed together upon entering the room. It gave me comfort to know that this herb was made fresh on the spot. I did my best to take mental note on all the herbs they used for the steam. Some of the herbs were jasmine, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

After the mixing of the herbs it all begins. The pot was then placed on an individual burner which was placed under the stool. It wasn’t hot initially but oh my a few minutes in and I was sweating. Thank goodness for me it took some time to get to that point. One of my fellow steam queens as I call it felt the burn early on. She had us dying of laughter saying ” my pot must be on hell because this is about to burn my goodies away.” Her jokes kept my mind off of the steam and bursting of laughter.

Each steam session is 45 minutes long and you are in a room with 4 other ladies steaming away. What an experience and one I would try again with some friends. I enjoyed the heat and felt rather refreshed afterwards.

Some may experience various after affects but I was all clear! Actually it helped me with my irregular cycles.

If you are ever in Georgia do check out Jeju spa for a specialized hip bath.

Yup, just like that! Let me know below  if you’d ever give this a try or have?


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  1. Um ….I’M SOLD!

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    1. I know right! Do it boo 😊


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