Yardley Soaps

So fresh and so clean! That’s the way I feel every time I use Yardley Soaps! These soaps are power-packed with natural goodies and an amazing scent. Now let’s be honest normally I swear by another brand BUT these soaps have won my heart forever #sold.

I have been using these soaps for the past month after receiving these goodies in the mail straight from Yardley themselves. So far I absolutely love the results. Here is what won my heart

1. They smell great
2. My skin isn’t left with a nasty film.
3. They have various scents to choose from
4. Their products are never tested on animals ( that matters to me)
5. Their products can be purchased at your local drugstore.
6. They are made with natural ingredients.

These are just a few things that won me over. Give them a try and let me know what struck gold for you?

You can purchase your soaps or other products over at Yardley Soaps . Be sure to follow them on facebook as well Yardley Soaps.  As always thanks for stopping by

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